"Sumptuous, sophisticated, ingenious - that sums up the extraordinary chocolates devised by Richard Kaplan, co-founder of Acute Catering."

-2004 Houston Chronicle's Ultimate guide.

Deliriously creative, unbelievably seductive the artisan Brown Paper Chocolates beg consumption. The secret? Starting with the highest quality of Belgian chocolates, chocolatier Richard Kaplan mixes in only the finest, superior, all natural products to create unparalleled and surprising taste sensations that must be experienced to be believed.

Backed by years of culinary experience, first in New York City and then as a premier caterer in Houston, Kaplan's Brown Paper Chocolates are the result of a personal epiphany and a life long pursuit of fine taste. How else could any of the following combinations be created if not inspired by a spiritual moment and a quest for excellence?

Lauded by the Houston Chronicle food editor, discovered by brilliant magazine, adored by both the Austin Statesman and Austin Chronicle, Brown Paper Chocolates makes any event a spectacularly delicious happening.